Friday, June 21, 2013

Release of my book ‘Song of Planet Earth’

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to announce the release of my book ‘Song of Planet Earth’.

In May 2008 I took a trip around the world, seeing the continents unfold below on daytime flights flying west. It allowed me to experience the Earth as a whole planet for the first time. I kept a travel diary of my experiences in the cities and regions I visited, and this became the start of my idea for this book.

The story tells of Alvin, a writer on nuclear arms control, who takes an around-the-world tour.  While in Istanbul, he witnesses another tour guest turn over a folder for classified material to some shadowy looking men. He suspects a terrorist plot to steal nuclear weapons from a NATO airbase and tries to alert authorities to stop it. But he has no proof other than the photos he surreptitiously took of the transaction. What can he do? 

Written as a travel adventure, the book makes a scientifically-based inquiry whether humankind has the will and the wisdom to survive nuclear weapons proliferation and other grave threats to our world. OK, it's not easy reading, but I think you will find it eye-opening and entertaining!  If you like it, please let others know by writing a review online :>)

The book is now available for order on Amazon:
Hardcover 6 x 9 in
142 pages
ISBN 9781481759007

6 x 9 in
142 pages
ISBN 9781481758994

It will also be available in one to two weeks on Barnes & Noble Books, and the major ebook sites for download.

142 pages
ISBN 9781481759014